5 Effective Tips for Using a Breast Pump

Many mothers tend to buy an electric breast bump but only a few know how it works. That’s why mothers prefer buying breast pumps because they are easy to use and come with a step-wise guide to help moms feed their child easily.

There are several types of breast pumps such as a manual or an electric one, and many other breast pumps that have their own purpose and different use.

Whether you prefer shopping online or by visiting stores, you need to know that buying the right one that suits your needs is essential and has multiple benefits for you and your baby.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 5 effective tips for using a breast pump to help you understand its use in a better way.

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  1. Buy a good pump

First of all, choose a good breast pump that is durable, reliable, and enables you to pump milk effectively. It should be in good quality so that you could adjust the suction speed as per your comfort and also pump the milk regularly without any inconvenience.

  1. Clean it after the use

Always keep it clean to prevent it from bacteria and other diseases. Use vegetable oil to lubricate the breast pump horns so they could pump more milk while minimizing the effect of friction on the horns of the breast pump.

  1. Make a Pumping Schedule

Since you’ll be using it regularly, therefore, it’s essential to make a pumping schedule i.e. with a good timetable and follow it daily to help your baby grow up efficiently and more healthy.

  1. Adjust your position

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to pump milk from both the breasts at the same time or separately. However, it’s essential that you adjust your position and fasten the process to store as much milk as possible. Therefore, lean forward while using a breast pump so that the flow could easily be maintained.


  1. A Pumping Bra


Wear a nursing or a pumping bra that have specific features that are designed to help you feed your baby easily during the meal times. The pumping bras can also be fitted on top of the nursing bra as they don’t require the use of hands and could help you relax while carrying out other regular tasks.