Difference between Food trucks and Food trailer

Many people don’t know there is a difference between food trucks and food trailers and they use “Food trucks” for calling both types of vehicles. The difference can be easily judged by their name. Food truck is itself a vehicle with kitchen attached. On the other hand, a food trailer is a separate vehicle that is needed to be pulled by another vehicle with a valid food truck license UAE. If you are thinking of starting a mobile food business and confused between choosing the two of them, we will tell you their ups and downs.

The things you need to consider while choosing between the two is their maneuverability, cost and maintenance.

When it comes to maneuverability, food trucks are better than food trailers. Usually a food tr

uck comes in 20’ to 30’ lengths and a food trailer is alone 10’ to 16’ in length and with a vehicle of 16’, its total length become 26’ to 32’. It is easy for you to learn how to drive a truck than learning to drive a vehicle while pulling a trailer. It is easier to drive reverse in truck than with trailer. It is easier to park a food truck in tight spaces while for food trailers you may need an additional space. You may also need a time to detach your trailer and park your vehicle separately. While for food trucks, this is not the case. When you park your trucks, you may start serving instantly and when you are done, you can leave easily. Thus conserving your time. Driving in traffic is also a factor. It takes larger turning radius for food trailers to take a turn thus making it difficult for you if you are not an experienced driver.

Now when it comes to the cost, a food truck is a lot more expensive than a food trailer. The cost can reach to almost $100,000 while for a food trailer, it is three times lesser i.e. almost $35,000.

Consider the maintenance, food trucks cost more when you are going to upgrades. Also that if some technical issue arises, that you may be unable to drive your truck, you can stay out of business as long as you don’t repair it. But having a food trailer is also not a cheap thing. You may need to acquire a separate number plate, and also you have to spend changing its tires separately.

In it end, it is more of personal choice whether you want to choose food truck or food trailer. Look at this website for more details in this regard.